Bewick Bridge Community Primary School

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School Improvement and Development Plan


This plan is designed to outline our school's strengths, areas for development and plans for improvement, as decided by staff and governors.

Summary of Key Actions

1. Improve attainment and progress of disadvantaged children

2. Improve behaviour and attendance for all children

  • Review and refine the  Pupil Premium Strategy to ensure rigour
  • Hold half termly pupil progress meetings, highlighting progress of PP/SEN children
  • Evaluate impact of interventions
  • Closely track progress of PP/SEN/EAL children
  • Review behaviour policy and practice
  • Share expectations with all stakeholders
  • Undertake monthly monitoring of behaviour and attendance
  • Reminders to parents regarding impact of poor attendance
  • Establish competitions for most improved attendance
  • Include attendance targets in IEPs and in Pupil Progress discussions

3. Increase percentages of children achieving greater depth in all subjects

4. Improve outcomes in writing

  • Identify children with potential to achieve GDS in reading, writing &/or maths
  • Plan staff meetings to develop effective use of assessment to inform planning, increasing pitch and challenge for all children
  • Develop class teachers’ understanding of what excellence in learning looks like
  • Share best practice
  • Regular cross school moderation
  • Clarify and share expectations for the process in teaching and learning in writing
  • All classes display ‘what a good one looks like’
  • Develop writing progression display and golden workbook

5.  Regularly track progress of all children, planning relevant, targeted intervention where necessary

6. Improve the quality of leadership & management, ensuring clear and sustainable structure, roles and responsibilities

  • Pupil Progress discussions focus on barriers to learning
  • Review use of and plan relevant training for teachers use of Target Tracker
  • Clarify expectations for planning, implementing and evaluating interventions
  • Review current staffing structure following recent changes to ensure all roles and responsibilities are clear and understood
  • With future numbers and predicted budgets, plan a full staffing reviewing to ensure sustainability
  • Plan INSET Day to engage all staff in the process
  • Ensure all staff have relevant and up to date job description
  • Ensure Governors have good understanding of their roles and responsibilities

Please use the link below to view the detailed plan:

School Improvement and Development Plan 2018-19