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Bewick Bridge's Approach to Positive Behaviour Management

Our school is a place for learning and meeting challenges with growing confidence and success within a happy school community. We endeavour to develop and extend each child’s knowledge, skills, understanding and experiences and believe that learning happens most effectively in an environment in which children feel safe, comfortable and able to take the risks involved in learning new things. This can only be achieved in a well ordered, disciplined environment where children are able to empathise and work effectively with others.

The staff is committed to providing a stable, happy and caring atmosphere where children are encouraged to meet high expectations and praised for their efforts and achievements. In keeping with our school ethos, we recognise our role in encouraging good standards of behaviour to facilitate this.

We have two rules: be respectful and be safe

The full policy is available below, but please find an outline of the approach here:


  • all children will behave well, in a way that supports the learning of themselves and others
  • children must be aware of what is expected of them
  • problems will be dealt with consistently and fairly
  • all staff are responsible for being good role models and in encouraging responsible behaviour from all children at all times
  • strategies for promoting good behaviour and for dealing with unacceptable behaviour must be consistent throughout the school

Bewick Bridge’s Approach to Behaviour Management

  • Positive classroom management - clear directions and expectations reinforced clearly, regularly and consistently
  • Celebrating good behaviour - with verbal praise and appreciation
  • Dealing with unacceptable behaviour - promptly and consistently

Celebrating Good Behaviour

Dealing with Unacceptable behaviour

Smiles, verbal praise and appreciation

House Points and Stickers

Star of the week

Headteacher Awards

  1. Verbal reminder
  2. Provided with formal warning (yellow)
  3. Provided with reflection time to be taken at the end of the session (red)
  4. Removal from classroom


3 reflections in a half term will result in:

  • a parent meeting
  • possibility of exclusions if there is no visible improvement

If you have any questions or comments about this, please get in touch with the school.


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Positive Behaviour Policy